The secret to our renowned quality is our proprietary processing methods. Each item is thoroughly inspected, video archived and sorted into one of four processing methods based on item’s complexity and brand value.

Classic – Casual and Business Attire

Designer – Fashion Designer Brands

Couture – The World’s Elite Couturiers

Runway – One-of-a-Kind Haute Couture

Each category has a unique method of video inspection, cleaning, finishing, and packaging. We have combined the best equipment and products from around the world and custom configured them for each processing method.

Our skilled technicians achieve quality no other cleaner can duplicate. Your clothes will smell fresh, last longer, stay brighter, whiter, and always look and feel their best.

Our mission is to provide the best possible ‘Eco-Friendly’ cleaning service in the world.
  • Heritage

    Peninou is the oldest continuously operating French Laundry in the United States. We have been operating on Sacramento Street in the Presidio Heights neighborhood for 106 years. Our Menlo Park location has similarly operated for over 90 years.

    The term “French Laundry” is not just a marketing phrase at Peninou. Our skilled craftsmen and women continue to apply the old-world French methods of hand finishing and meticulous attention to detail to everything we do. We are proud to employ multi-generational families at our company and strive to improve our processes every day.

  • Craftsmanship

    The best equipment from around the world alone does not yield our quality. Generations of artisans in their fields of stain removal, pressing, tailoring, and finishing combine their years of experience to create our singular quality.

    Peninou provides these skilled professionals with opportunities for continuous improvement through ongoing training, company-wide meetings to discuss customer feedback, and a structured apprentice program.

    The French Laundry process is a natural link to the fabrics and styles created by couture designers today. The finest fabrics from around the world inspire our technicians to perfect the art of stain removal. Their familiarity with complex yarns, dyes, knits, and weaves enable us to remove the most challenging stains.

    Recalling the designer’s intended vision for a garment requires experience and time. There are no shortcuts to replace the nuance and impression in couture garments. A soft European finish is pleasing to the eyes and very satisfying to wear.

  • Technology

    Peninou employs the most advanced equipment available from around the world. Each piece was researched extensively, tested in practice, and discussed with the actual operators who will use it before it was purchased and placed in our 25,000 square foot central processing facility in South San Francisco.

    Peninou does not provide wholesale services to any other cleaner. Similarly, we perform all our garment cleaning in-house. We specialize in cleaning the items people care about the most—high fashion, designer, and couture garments that are difficult to clean.

    An extensive video surveillance production monitoring system watches your garments from the time you drop them off through the entire process of inspection, stain removal, cleaning, finishing, and delivery to your hand.

  • Environmental

    Peninou owns and operates the largest State-of-the-Art Eco-Friendly central processing facility in the United States. We were the first cleaner in the Bay Area to switch completely from Perchloroethylene to 100% WetCleaning and alternative “Eco-Friendly” drycleaning technologies. We are constantly searching for new opportunities and solutions to drive the entire industry in a more environmentally friendly direction.

    • Peninou owns and operates more WetCleaning
      equipment than any other cleaner in the Bay Area.
    • Peninou is the only cleaner endorsed by the
      Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
    • Crystal clear German engineered cleaning
      detergents exceed stricter European standards.
    • We do not use bleach in our facility.
    • Environmentally friendly minimum packaging on
      request and an aggressive reuse/recycling program.
    • Hydrocarbon cleaning solutions offer the best
      balance of cleaning ability, your health, and the

  • Convenience

    Complete Bay Area Coverage…and Beyond

    Complimentary home/office pickup and delivery service covers most of the San Francisco Bay Area. Consult our coverage map for exact locations. We are the only cleaner that serves all of our communities five days per week. If you reside in our service area, we offer same-day pickup if your call is received by 1:00 PM.

    Our five stores up and down the San Francisco Peninsula are also conveniently located in popular shopping and residential neighborhoods. Next day service is available in all of them.

    Peninou also serves customers throughout the United States and the entire world. Our Clean by FedEx service and Laundry Porter enable us to assist you with travel as well as serve you at your vacation homes.

    Remember that all of our services work seamlessly together—drop off at a Peninou store and have it delivered or shipped, and vice versa.

  • The Peninou Shirt

    If French Laundry is our heritage, our shirt service is our legacy. Peninou customers experience a new level of confidence and comfort in their wardrobe staples.

    Most cleaners utilize an outside wholesale laundry to cheaply process their shirts. This is because most cleaners see shirt laundry as a “necessary evil” in order to obtain more profitable drycleaning items. Peninou was founded as a French Laundry 107 years ago and continues to attract new customers for our storied in house service. The Peninou Difference:

    • Cleaning in small batches, with meticulous
      inspection, sorting, and hand stain removal.
    • Individually protecting every shirt during the cleaning
      process in our gentle care nylon net bags.
    • Crystal clear German engineered detergents make
      your whites whiter and colors brighter.
    • Hand cooked natural starch leaves no residue
      or discoloration.
    • Hand finishing yields a perfect shirt that let’s
      people know you care about your appearance.

  • Signature Couture

    Signature Couture is our proprietary cleaning system for the finest garments. Although you can request this service with any garment, it is automatically provided for items from couture designers.

    We have invested thousands of hours analyzing and recording virtually every manufacturing garment label in existence—our proprietary information—and one of the reasons that designers from all over the world trust us to recommend to their customers.

    • We use our video inspection system to record and
      analyze any issues that might arise with the
      cleaning of every item and check it again at
      the end of the cleaning process
    • Only our most highly trained and experienced staff
      will handle your garment. Our Signature Couture
      cleaner/spotter has 30 years of experience and the
      average hand iron finisher has 25
    • Every item goes through a minimum of eight
      inspections throughout the cleaning process—
      including our second generation platinum
      couture inspector
    • Custom designed reusable packaging suitable
      for international travel or long term storage

  • Heirloom Services

    There are a few services we still offer that have all but disappeared in the modern economy:

    Fine Linen – For heirloom quality and couture bed linens. A legacy service for those who appreciate the difference of old world hand finishing and for items that have special requirements. Peninou is the only cleaner in the Bay Area that continues to offer this extraordinary service.

    Table Linen – Cleaning and hand ironing of table linens is an intense process that requires experience and a large amount of space. Although everyday cleaners may be able to wash and iron simple cotton/polyester tablecloths and napkins, Peninou understands the value and complexity of heirloom table linen.

  • Accolades

    Some of the awards we have won over the years:

    Best Drycleaner in the World – Esquire Magazine

    Best of the Bay Area – San Francisco Chronicle

    Best of the Bay Area – San Francisco Bay Guardian

    Best of the Bay Area – San Francisco Examiner

    Best of the Bay Area – Lucky Magazine

    Best of the Bay Area – San Francisco Magazine

    Best of the Bay Area – 7x7 Magazine

    Best of the Bay Area – The Almanac

    We have received accolades from:

    San Francisco Black & White Ball, Nob Hill Gazette, Gentry Magazine, Palo Alto Daily, Los Gatos Daily, San Francisco Rugged Elegance, Bay Area Century Club (Certified 100 Year Businesses) – San Francisco Chronicle

  • Hypoallergenic

    Being “Eco-Friendly” goes beyond the local environment and statutes—we also look for ways to protect your family beyond any other cleaner.

    For the protection of you, your family, and the longevity of your garments, we proudly do not offer a “press only” service. Pressing unclean garments transmits stains and body soils and fluids from dirty garments into our press pads and irons, and then into another freshly cleaned garment—maybe yours. We only handle clean clothes in our finishing process at Peninou.

    Our detergents are perfume-free and safe for most allergen sensitive people. Our spotless processing facility reflects the impeccable cleanliness of your like-new returned garments and fabrics.

    All of our water and cleaning solutions are carbon-filtered and naturally softened. Our water supply does not require additional treatments and chemicals.

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