Bridal Emergency Kit

Bridal Emergency Kits are available from certain boutiques where you may have purchased your gown.  Inside the kit you will find everything you need for a last minute “emergency” fix, as well as tips on gown care, and gift certificates towards pre-wedding and post wedding gown cleaning and preservation.


Each Bridal Emergency Kit contains:


  • Special solutions formulated for water-based stains, as well as oil and grease based stains.
  • Needle and thread as well as extra pearls, sequins, buttons, snaps, pins, even an emery board, band aids and bobby pins!
  • Beautifully scented sachet and sweat treats.
  • Gift certificates towards pre-cleaning and post cleaning.

Ask your bridal boutique if they participate in Peninou’s bridal program to obtain a Bridal Emergency Kit


Peninou recommends working with the designer you purchased your gown from for a proper fit and any alterations required.  However, our seamstresses are available for custom alterations and final fittings.


We recommend final fittings at least four weeks before the wedding date.


In many cases cleaning a gown before the wedding is necessary. Heirloom and vintage gowns, as well as brides with multiple ceremonies and receptions will require their gown looking new a second or even third time.


It is best to have your gown professionally cleaned as soon as possible after wearing. The longer dirt and stains remain on your gown, the more difficult they are to remove, and the harder it is on the fabric to properly treat them.


After multiple fitting appointments and alterations, most bridal gowns are not ready for the ceremony. Expert hand finishing with extreme care restores the designer’s lines and drapes. Careful hand ironing replaces the fine sheen and smoothness of the luxurious fabrics bridal gowns are synonymous with.


For pre-wedding services your gown is carefully placed on a bodice form hanger and stuffed with tissue paper to preserve the shape.  The gown is then placed inside our custom hanging breathable gown storage bag. This unique hanging breathable bag also protects the gown from dust, moths, and insects while allowing the fabric of your gown to breathe.

Worldwide Shipping

Peninou provides complimentary shipping within the U.S. We also ship internationally for a fee.


We carefully package your gown for shipping, stuffing it with tissue paper to buffer the gown and minimize movement.

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