Women Suits

Fashion designers understand the curves of the feminine form and know how to use them to accentuate the body without being risqué. The perfect suit is elegant, refined, comfortable and powerful, without looking too masculine.  Thorough stain removal is only possible with our ultraviolet light inspection stations. Dark wool and cotton weaves pose a particular challenge to the average cleaner: shine.

A battery of highly skilled artisan finishers use only a hand iron, sometimes cool to the touch, to impart a crisp body and soft lapel without damaging the original sheen of the garment. Our French Reweaver can repair small holes and snags to prolong your wardrobe investment.

  Cleaning Options and More Information



Drycleaning – Most suits must be drycleaned. Always clean pants and coats together to maintain consistent color, hand, and wear.

We will roll of your coat lapels to the same button we receive them rolled to. If you would prefer your lapels pressed flat, please inform a Peninou representative.

Minor hem and button repairs are complimentary. Please point out any repairs if needed.