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Seasonal reinterpretation of the classic white blouse yields a remarkable range of styles.  A woman’s blouse provides the basis for a thoroughly feminine and sophisticated wardrobe. Working with an unlimited palate of fabrics, trims, cuts, and accessories designers convert casual to formal with only subtle differences.

Restoring these delicate details starts with selecting the correct cleaning process. Neutral blouses with less trimming made from 100% cotton clean best in our French Laundry or Wetcleaning process while examples with more accents, darker hues, and blended materials fare better in drycleaning.

It takes generations of experience in working with couture fashion to replace the designers intended impression to a blouse. Only delicate hand finishing and our proprietary packaging tools restore these essential foundations of feminine fashion.

  Cleaning Options and More Information

Shirts & Blouses


Peninou has deep roots in shirt laundry. Over 100 years later we are still perfecting that art of “The Perfect Shirt”. We currently offer five different shirt services:


French Laundry A gentle laundry process with hand stain removal as needed. Hand-cooked liquid starch can be applied. A rigorous inspection process and custom packaging ensures your items are in “ready to wear” condition. Classic French Laundry – Every shirt includes hand touch-up. This process is best for typical 100% business and casual shirts in lighter shades. European Soft Press – Our classic service that utilizes only steam and a hand iron to finish your shirt. This process imparts a softer feel and is best for finer cottons, more intricate patterns and brighter colors. Hand Finish – For the finest shirt in the world, your shirt is 100% hand-ironed without any mechanical assistance. Additionally, within French Laundry you can request:

  • Starch – None, Light, Medium, Heavy. Our natural liquid starch is cooked by hand every day and washes out completely to reduce buildup.
  • Pre-spot Cuffs and Collars – We recommend pretreatment every time if you find these areas yellowing prematurely.
  • Have your shirts returned on hangers (default) or folded, bagged & boxed.