Women Pants

Fashion designers seek the perfect combination of luxury and wearability in pants. Maintaining the long, sleek lines while removing the stains of everyday life is our goal.  Once hand stain removal is performed, every pair of paints receives a gentle cleaning that extends their longevity and relaxes fibers. Our hand finishing process eliminates the risk of double creasing, while at the same time preventing seam and pocket impressions from flat-front styles. Minor repairs such as loose hems and belt loops are always carried out for a flawless finish.

  Cleaning Options and More Information



French Laundry – Suitable for 100% cotton chinos and some jeans that are machine washable.

Drycleaning – The majority of pants favor drycleaning for its gentle care and powerful stain removal. All fabrics are relaxed and will avoid shrinkage, color loss, and dye transfer. Our proprietary pressing system eliminates double creasing and side seam impressions.

Wetcleaning – This water based cleaning process offers many of the benefits of French Laundry and Drycleaning. Great for golf attire, jeans, and designer casual wear—wetcleaning removes dirt and water based stains with ease. All items are then pressed by hand in our drycleaning department. Most denim is top-dyed, meaning only the surface of the fibers is colored. By cleaning in individual lingerie bags, our low-abrasion cleaning cycles reduce the risk of fading and white streaks.