Women Outterwear

Jackets and overcoats weave craftsmanship with innovative materials. Many fabrics valued for their weather resistance were developed by the famous design houses. Designed bilaterally for function and fashion these garments pose unique aesthetic requirements and often overlooked, technical maintenance.

Although a multitude of belts, buckles, flaps and straps demand extreme care of detail, it's the invisible qualities that challenge the average cleaner. Only a thorough study of the individual garment’s care label and subsequent cleaning assessment will successfully safeguard moisture wicking liners, maintain synthetic mid-layer barriers, and rejuvenate surface treatments. As an additional service offering, a water repellant treatment can be applied to virtually any outer garment with a tight weave.

  Cleaning Options and More Information



No two outerwear garments are the same. Raincoats, topcoats, winter jackets, skiwear, and knits all have different cleaning requirements, sometimes even when two items look very similar. Outwear cleaning starts with a custom analysis of the item and care label to determine the exact method of cleaning, pressing and packaging.

Drycleaning - About half of all outerwear requires drycleaning. After all loose straps, belts, buckles, etc. are removed or covered, stains are removed by hand before machine cleaning. Our video inspection system assures the unique features and embellishments of your outwear are properly replaced.

Wetcleaning – The remaining outwear items require a water based cleaning cycle. Down and polyester garments should never be cleaned in a top loading washing machine at home. The agitators in top loading washing machines can compress and displace down filling and prevent them from properly drying.

Water repellent can be applied in both cleaning processes to protect fibers from water and stains between cleanings.