Women Lingerie

From luxurious loungewear to visually stimulating boudoir attire, layers of imperceptible delicacy diminish the boundaries between skin and fabric.  More than a sweet secret, lingerie is the foundation of an outfit, capable of making clothes more flattering.

Sometimes more fantasy than function, these sensual pieces blend fabrics and accessories that pose significant risk when cleaning. Entire hand cleaning is sometimes necessary for the finest silks gowns and layers of delicate lace.

  Cleaning Options and More Information



Drycleaning – Lingerie items that require drycleaning are usually made from the world’s finest silks and satin. Although Peninou cleans everything in individual soft nylon net bags, we pay special attention with these items to ensure abrasion is minimized to prevent tears and runs.

Delicate couture ensembles and robes will be returned in discrete breathable packaging suitable for long term storage and travel.

Wetcleaning – Lingerie that can be safely cleaned in water receives the same attention and delicate care as in drycleaning.