Women Furs & Skins

Natural animal skins and furs have long been prized for their prestigious luxury and rugged elegance.  Unfortunately, care labels do not accompany these items, and only an experienced professional leather cleaner can identify individual needs and suitable treatments.

Our successful results attest to our professional skill in restoring problem items to their original condition.  In the quest for opulence, leather and fur crafters transform these custom pieces with proprietary dyes, glues, trims, and finishes. Every item received undergoes a complimentary evaluation and the customer is contacted with the results before processing. All animal skins and fur items receive our custom designed breathable storage packaging to properly maintain them in their restored state.

  Cleaning Options and More Information

Furs and Skins


Whether a jacket, skirt, purse, belt or wallet, the cleaning of natural animal skins and furs requires expertise and patience.

A complete leather, suede or fur cleaning may include:

  • Individual appraisal and inspection
  • Hand cleaning of outer stains
  • Hand cleaning of lining stains
  • Hand cleaning of straps, hardware and accessories
  • Re-dying and dye rejuvenation as needed
  • Water and stain repellant if requested
  • Gentle steam finishing
  • Breathable packaging suitable for long-term storage

All leather, suede and fur items are evaluated before processing. The risks involved will be explained to you before we proceed.