Handsome Man

Luxurious knits crafted from soft and substantial natural materials add sophistication and refinement to a man’s wardrobe. Long-established techniques and proprietary materials refined over decades are the hallmark of fine kits. A distinguishing sweater layered over a complementary shirt achieves a classic and welcoming look.

Knits require regular and thorough cleaning. In the hands of a couture cleaner, sweaters and other knits always are returned fresh, de-pilled, and in the exact measurements in which they are received.  Cleaning in small batches with crystal clear solutions ensures white and bright knits look better than new. Regular cleaning minimizes shedding and protects fibers from degradation from stains.

  Cleaning Options and More Information

Sweaters & Knits


Drycleaning – Almost all knit sweaters must be drycleaned. All knits distort with wear and cleaning. Knit items are measured on the way into our process and then “blocked” back into their original shape by steaming, adjusting, and cooling to lock the knit as desired.

Our “Eco-Friendly” cleaning solution does not leave residual odors, even on the heaviest knit items.

This process can also resize or reshape an item to new dimensions. If desired request “Measure & Block” service to a Peninou representative and give the person the desired changes.