Mens Suits
Suits and Formal Wear

At the center of every fine gentleman’s wardrobe lies a well-made suit. The quintessential suit exudes subtle masculine elegance and is timeless with a contemporary twist. Bespoke, made-to-order and made-to-measure tailoring all imply personalization: visual and functional details that are critical to the exclusivity and distinction of the gentleman’s taste.

No other garment in a man’s wardrobe will receive more personalized tailoring. Regular cleanings are critical for maintaining a polished appearance that signals power and success. Detailed hand finishing ensures rolled edges on lapels, collars, sleeves and other unique tailoring aesthetics. This gentle approach eliminates the risk of shine and puckering while relaxing fibers for freedom of movement.

  Cleaning Options and More Information



Drycleaning – Most suits must be drycleaned. Always clean pants and coats together to maintain consistent color, hand, and wear.

We will roll of your coat lapels to the same button we receive them rolled to. If you would prefer your lapels pressed flat, please inform a Peninou representative.

Minor hem and button repairs are complimentary. Please point out any repairs if needed.