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Making an impression means getting it right. A subtle point of detail can make all the difference. In an environment where every man bears a wardrobe consisting of similar elements, tailors distinguish themselves by choosing the best materials, cutting them with distinctive designs, and apply expert workmanship and detail. A dress shirt plays a major role in determining a gentleman’s personal sense of style.

For over 100 years our almost obsessive attention to detail has transformed a wardrobe staple into an exercise in perfection. Gentle detergents maintain bright whites and vivid colors. Fresh cooked starch guarantees consistency. Hand finishing yields flat plackets and smooth cuffs. Small but telling details like removable collar stays and butterfly gussets maintain shirts in better than new condition until wearing.

  Cleaning Options and More Information

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French Laundry - A gentle laundry process with hand stain removal as needed. Hand-cooked liquid starch can be applied. A rigorous inspection process and custom packaging ensures your items are in “ready to wear” condition.
Classic French Laundry – Every shirt includes hand touch-up. This process is best for typical 100% cotton business and casual shirts in lighter shades.
European Soft Press – Our classic service that utilizes only steam and a hand iron to finish your shirt. This process imparts a softer feel and is best for finer cottons, more intricate patterns and brighter colors.
Hand Finish – For the finest shirt in the world, your shirt is 100% hand-ironed without any mechanical assistance.

Drycleaning & Wetcleaning - Suitable for most shirts, drycleaning & wetcleaning best protects the size, color, and feel of your shirts. Synthetics, bright colors, dark shades and soft fabrics look their best. These premium services include hand stain removal as necessary and 100% hand-finishing. No mechanical equipment is used whatsoever to iron your shirt. Drycleaning removes oil-based stains with ease while Wetcleaning best eliminates odors and perspiration stains.