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Outter wear care

Cooler conditions require functionality and elegance. Modern coats and jackets must respond to the demands of daily outings and travel. Fashion designers combine natural and synthetic materials to achieve sophistication and weather resistance.

These innovative fabrics and their special treatments require knowledge only experienced cleaning technicians can anticipate.  Our cleaning laboratory has provided assistance to many of the great design houses attempting to test new fabrics. Taking special care to protect belts, buckles, flaps and straps, the overall style is maintained. As an additional service offering, a water repellant treatment can be applied to virtually any outer garment with a tight weave.

  Cleaning Options and More Information



No two outerwear garments are the same. Raincoats, topcoats, winter jackets, skiwear, and knits all have different cleaning requirements, sometimes even when two items look very similar. Outerwear cleaning starts with a custom analysis of the item and care label to determine the exact method of cleaning, pressing and packaging.

Drycleaning - About half of all outerwear requires drycleaning. After all loose straps, belts, buckles, etc. are removed or covered, stains are removed by hand before machine cleaning. Our video inspection system assures the unique features and embellishments of your outerwear are properly replaced.

Wetcleaning – The remaining outerwear items require a water based cleaning cycle. Down and polyester garments should never be cleaned in a top loading washing machine at home. The agitators in top loading washing machines can compress and displace down filling and prevent them from properly drying.

Water repellent can be applied in both cleaning processes to protect fibers from water and stains between cleanings.