Handsome Man
Ties and Pocket Squares

Historically, the gentleman’s necktie has been a statement of luxury and refinement, as well as an expression of individual style.  Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, hand sewn ties, pocket squares, and formal accoutrements remain in a man’s wardrobe for decades as punctuations of special occasions.

Fine silk furnishings require great care to protect intricate folds and fine stitching. Eventually, every tie due to its repeated use, will require cleaning, reshaping, and pressing. All stains are gently removed by hand to preserve the integrity and pattern. Knot wrinkles are removed and edges softly rolled.  Reshaping is completed with steam only—preventing unsightly shine.

  Cleaning Options and More Information



Bring virtually any outfit accessory to Peninou for an evaluation and possible cleaning solutions.

We receive a lot of inquiries about purse cleaning, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Although purse and wallet cleaning techniques vary depending on the construction materials and problem, we have great success in removing dirt, soil, ink stains, mold, mildew, dye transfer, wine, food, and makeup.

Cleaning these specialty items may include:

  • Individual appraisal and inspection
  • Hand cleaning of outer stains
  • Hand cleaning of lining stains
  • Hand cleaning of straps, hardware and accessories
  • Re-dying and dye rejuvenation as needed
  • Water and stain repellant if requested
  • Gentle steam finishing
  • Breathable packaging suitable for long-term storage

Please consult your Peninou representative for more information.