Table Linens
Table Linens

The perfect dining room accessories can complete the look of a room and express your personal taste and lifestyle.  Designers blend elegance and exquisite comfort with exotic fabrics, meticulously hand sewn patterns, and custom embellishments that challenge home stain remedies when accidents happen.

Although no two home furnishings are alike, our over one hundred years experience in working with virtually every fabric from around the globe enables us to employ a suitable cleaning process to your troubled item. Peninou understands that these specialty items are usually custom made creations that are sometimes irreplaceable. Our cutting edge technology works hand in hand with our experience to generate exceptional results.

  Cleaning Options and More Information

Table Linens

Peninou protects the finest table linens from around the globe. From modern fashionable styles to opulent heirloom table linens, customers the world-over trust Peninou for our over one hundred years of experience. Table Linen includes:


  • A detailed inspection for stains and an assessment to create a custom cleaning and finishing procedure.
  • A gentle cleaning in either our advanced water-based Wetcleaning process or “Eco-Friendly” Drycleaning department as prescribed by the items care label or prerequisites. Both cleaning processes are performed with low-agitation “soak” cycles that protect even the most delicate linens.
  • Every item is individually protected during the cleaning process in our proprietary gentle care nylon net bags.
  • Hand-cooked liquid starch (if requested) can be added to Wetcleaned items. Sizing can be applied to Drycleaned items.
  • A Post-cleaning stain inspection is completed and additional cleaning is performed if required.
  • All Table Linen items are then 100% hand-ironed on a custom build 20 foot ironing table.
  • Table Linens are returned on hangers or flat packaged in breathable long-term storage bags.