Outdoor Home Furnishings
Outdorr Furnishings

Outdoor living is no longer limited to simple metal or wood patio furniture. An inviting outdoor living area is comfortable, practical, and complements the surrounding environment. Even more diverse than indoor furniture, outdoor home furnishings sometimes employ a playful mix of rustic yet refined artistry with luxurious results.

Although designed to withstand outdoor elements and summertime celebrations, over time, routine cleaning at home will not visibly restore the item to a suitable condition.  Fabric elements can be removed and cleaned, often with stunning results.  Stubborn or worn in stains can be lifted out, along with typical outdoor soils that collect over time.  For heavy, bulky items, we recommend taking advantage of our complimentary home pickup and delivery service to better assist in this process.

  Cleaning Options and More Information

Outdoor Furnishings


Outdoor living spaces require regular cleaning to protect furnishings from the elements. If an item is heavy or bulky please call (800) 392-2532 for assistance.


Some items to consider cleaning with Peninou:


  • Outdoor couch and chair cushions & pillows
  • Lounger and chaise pads
  • Automobile, motorcycle, and boat covers
  • Mats
  • Patio & picnic table linens
  • Hammocks
  • Barbeque covers


Note: Consider items from your summer/winter homes, boats, recreational vehicles, etc.