Romantic old world elegance meets modern sophisticated design. Grand historic styles imaginatively adapted with adventurous fabrics, patterns, colors, and hardware. In an age of standardization, draperies and curtains are often the most eye-catching aspect of a room. In curtaining, as in other aspects of design, the precise balance of novelty and tradition is a matter for individual taste in home décor.

Drapery cleaning is part of maintaining fabric integrity, preserving lustrous finishes, and keeping your home allergenic. Our cleaning program includes a specialized drapery cleaning technician with over 30 years experience coming to your home or office to evaluate your needs. With your permission, he will take down the draperies, taking special note of their installation, and bring them to our cleaning center. After a through cleaning and pressing, he will return to reinstall them in the exact manner they were originally placed.

  Cleaning Options and More Information



Our drapery technician has over 30 years of experience with drapes designed and manufactured all over the world from virtually every material imaginable. This service includes:


  • An estimate in your home and complimentary take down and removal.
  • Hand stain removal and a custom cleaning process.
  • Optional 3M Stain-Guard and Water Repellent treatment.
  • Complimentary delivery and installation into the original location.


Note: Do not to take down or remove your own draperies. Our skilled technician must take note of their installation so they can be properly pressed and reinstalled.